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The Texas Association of Realtors (TAR) is a professional organization that represents over 100,000 real estate agents and brokers in Texas. The organization offers a variety of resources and support for its members, including legal forms and contracts that are commonly used in real estate transactions.

To answer the question at hand, it`s important to note that TAR offers several different types of contracts. These include residential contracts (used for buying and selling homes), commercial contracts (used for buying and selling commercial properties), farm and ranch contracts (used for buying and selling rural properties), and property management contracts (used for managing rental properties).

Within each of these categories, TAR offers several different contract forms to choose from. For example, the residential contracts section includes forms for sales contracts, lease agreements, and addendums for specific situations (such as contingencies or repairs). The commercial contracts section includes forms for buying and leasing commercial properties, as well as addendums for things like environmental concerns or financing.

In total, TAR offers over 130 different real estate contract forms. These forms are constantly updated and revised to ensure that they comply with Texas real estate laws and regulations.

While the sheer number of contracts offered by TAR might seem daunting, it`s important to remember that these forms are designed to protect both buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. By using a standardized contract form, all parties involved can have a clear understanding of the terms of the deal and can avoid potential legal issues down the line.

In conclusion, the Texas Association of Realtors offers over 130 different real estate contract forms to its members. These forms cover a wide range of situations and are designed to provide clarity and protection for all parties involved in real estate transactions. Whether you`re buying or selling a property in Texas, it`s important to work with a licensed real estate agent who has a thorough understanding of these contracts and their implications.